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Spectacular Lake country

Take a 2,5 km beautiful walk from our hotel through the forest full of oak trees, beeches and pines. Wonderfull views and proper surface of the road will let you enjoy a walk, a jogg or a bike ride.

Nearby Lake

Przywidzkie Lake is 4,6 km long and situated in the beautiful Kashubia Lake Country. It is surrounded by oak, beech and pine forests. There is an island on the lake which was made a nature reservoir in 1954. The island is full of aaks and beech trees, some of which are over 180 years old.

After your walk from the hotel you will reach a rest area, which is perfect for a summer afternoon (with a swimm in the lake). You can find wooden tables and benches here, as well as a place for a bonfire. 



Road to and around the lake

The route from the hotel is 2,5 km long.

Surrounding the lake, there is a 8 km long route marked with red. Following it we continue to see the lakes' surface. The road is full of hills and makes a perfect trail for joggers or bike riders. 


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