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created with passion

Unique location among the forests of Kashubia Region

You can fin Hotel Kozi Grod in the north of Poland - Pomerania Region. The hotel is situated in the heart of nature, away from city noise, but only 25 km from the center of Gdansk. Kozi Grod was built as a family business bred from passion, what makes the place really authentic. The enthusiasm of the whole family and a need to work outside the city, led to the making of a unique four star hotel in the charming corner of Kashubia - a part of Poland with its own tradition, food and language.

How it all started?

Hotel Kozi Gród was built in a spot that has for years been a favorite place for the owners’ family to spend holiday together with children and friends. It was here, near Kozia Gora (Goat's Hill), where they've built a house and took care of 5 hectares of land: extended and stocked a pond, planted a herb harden, began breeding ducks, built a tennis court. That was the beginning of a unique place on the map of the northern region of Poland - Kashubia.

Continuing family tradition, of which the roots reach as far as generation of foresters, the owner’s father began living in this place, in harmony with nature, taking care of the land and the animals. He passed his experience and priceless knowledge to the next generations. After many years of holidays spent in Kozia Gora, thanks to the love of traveling and being fond of alternative accomodation places, an idea for a family business emerged. This is how Hotel Kozi Grod (Goat's Borough) came to being. Everyday since then the owners and the staff create a place everyone can enjoy and everybody is happy to return to.

We want our guests to feel our dedication and our passion, which make the time spent in Kozi Grod unforgettable.

Europejski Fundusz Rolny na Rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich

Rozbudowa Atrakcji Zewnętrznych

Modernizacja Pawilonu Eventowego

In harmony with nature. Naturally

We value and respect the unique location of Hotel**** Kozi Grod. We want to be in harmony with nature and, at the same time, provide our guests with positive experiences.

We are proud to have deployed solutions of social responsibility, such as:

- a 185 meter deep well, that provides healthy drinking water for our guests

- solar panels which decrease carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere;

- energy recuperation that supports energy-saving fresh air circulation;

- ground-coupled heat exchanger that supports natural heating (in winter) and cooling (in summer) of air in the hotel which lowers energy consumption of the building;

- a fish pond with healing bilberry – fish caught by guests can be prepared by our cooks;

- herb garden used by the hotel cooks which gives our food a fresh and local taste;

- duck breeds pastured on green grass.


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