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Hotel animal friendly

Are you facing the same problem each year - what to do with my pet when going on vacation? You are not convinced a pet hotel is a good choice, nor leaving your pet behind for a longer period of time. That is why exactly for guests like you we have prepared a special offer, which is a stay with your dog or cat.

Spend the vacation with your pet

In Kozi Grod we love pets and we understand they are important members of family for our guests. You can’t imagine not seeing them on holiday? Come to Kashubia with your dog, cat, hamster or other four-legged friend. We will find a place for your friend—naturally. Thanks to us you will have the opportunity to spend an exceptional vacation with your dog or cat , who is a member of your family.

Facilities & rules

The exceptional location of the hotel among the forests of Kashubia close to a lake makes Kozi Grod a perfect place for walks with a dog. Pets may sport freely on green grass, enjoy the open nature or relax together with you. For guests who stay with their pets we have for free: ecological waste bags, bowls for water and animal food, beds for pets. We care for the comfort of all our guests: those who don’t have pets and those who are proud owners of dogs, cats and other pets. Out of concern for both we have prepared a handful of rules to provide their friendly coexistence. To Stodoła [the Barn]—the second building of the hotel compound—we invite pets weighing up to 5 kg. In case of arriving with a bigger pet we consider every situation individually, and we secure eventual damage by deposit in the amount depending on the stay (about 200 PLN). Remember that it is the owner who is responsible for the behavior of the pet and the damage it caused. In common areas we ask you to put a leash on your dog and visit the gastronomical and recreational parts of the hotel without your pet. Don’t forget to bring your pet’s valid medical records with vaccinations and worming certificates.” Download: Regulations for allowing pets in the hotel.pdf
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