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Hotel Kozi Gród**** is located in the Kashubian region of northern Poland, where guests can find a lot of things to do.

Przywidz Lake

is a gutter lake situated in the Kashubian lake district and surrounded by beech-pine-oak trees. Picturesque route from the hotel to the lake is 2,5 km long. It is full of beautiful views and is suitable for walkers, as well as bikers or runners. After reaching the lake we come to a rest area which is perfect for a picnique or a swim in the lake. There are wooden tables and benches, a spot for a bonfire and a sandy entrance to the lake.  MORE >>>

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is an activity that can be performed around the year. The surrounding of Hotel Kozi Gród**** full of forests and beautiful nature is great for that activity. Around Przywidz Lake, along its shores, one can walk with poles, that can be rented free from the hotel front desk - there is a special Nordic Walking route ready for you. During the walk one can take a swim in the lake. It takes around 2,5 hours to do the whole route.

Bike trails

There are bikes available at the hotel. Red bike trail starts at the Przywidz Lake rest area which we reach taking the route through the forest from the hotel to the lake. The trails is 8km long and surrounds the lake. It goes along the lake's shore and there are some hills.

Footgolf Przywidz

Footgolf is a combination of football and golf. A special fiels can be found in Przywidz, about 3km from the hotel. One has to beat a track with obstacles and get the ball to the hole. It offers 18 tracks, 18 holes 50cm wide and a field of 25 000 square meters.
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