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Wyroby Koziego

z dostawą do domu

Homemade recipes

Try our local products prepared by our cooks. If you want something to remind you of us, take the homemade treats with you and enjoy the regional tastes for a long time after you get back home.

Treat yourself and others

The kitchen smoking chamber is the apple of our chef’s eye. It was made thanks to priceless knowledge and years of experience of the owner’s father — an expert of smoking techniques. This is where the meat, fish and cheese is prepared — smoked using both cold and hot techniques. We recommend our homemade dishes that can be served to eat in or take away: venison paté, meat from our smoking chamber, seasonal fruit jams, liqueurs based on homemade spirit, handmade pralines.

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Magdalena Wysiecka        
Sales Department Manager                  
+48 514 262 890

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