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Guests are asked to make themself familiar with the below information regarding personal data processing by Hotel Kozi Gród ****.

Processing of Personal Data of Guests of Hotel Kozi Gród ****

Who is the administrator of personal data?

The administrator of personal data of hotel guests' is the company „Jolanta Kąkol” with its headquarters in Pomlewo in Poland (postal code: 83-047) street Leśników 3, NIP (tax number): 584-191-89-92.

What are the aims of hotel guests' personal data processing?

The aim for which the Hotel processes personal data is signing and implementation of an agreement to provide hotel services to its guests. Apart from that, the aim of personal data processing is:

  1. Investigation of any claims that are a result of a detriment implemented by a guest to the hotel, or securing any guest' claims.
  2. Documenting the agreement implementation for tax purposes.
  3. Providing best possible service to hote guests.

In case when the guest agreed to personal data processing connected to marketing purposes, Hotel will process personal data for this purpose: to direct marketing information regarding hotel's offers, products and servicesto its guests.

Hotel processes personal data gathered by hotel monitoring due to provide security to hote guests and other persons staying in the area of hotel and its premises.

What is the legal base of personal data processing?

The legal base of guests' personal data processing by the hotel is the agreement between the hotel and the guest to provide services.

The legal base of guests' personal data processing by the hotel connected to marketing purposes is the guest's agreement to do so. Hotel informs that this agreement can be withdrawn by the guest in any moment. The withdrawal does not affect the processing that took place before the withdrawal.

The legal base of guests' personal data processing by the hotel connected to hotel monitoring is the security of its vital interest as well as the security of vital instrests of other persons, as well as justified purpose of the administrator.

To whom may the personal data be transfered?

Hotel transfers personal data to the below subject categories:

  1. Companies providing services of IT support and those providing IT software. 
  2. Accounting companies providing accounting services.
  3. Transport companies providing taxi and other transport or courier services, in case of an order of such services by our guests.
  4. Law companies/firms providing legal councelling services as well as trial representation services.

How long will the personal data be stored?*

Personal data:

  1. Acquired due to hotel services agreement will be processes during a period of expiration of tax, legal and civil claims of the hotel or the guest, depanding on which of those will take place later.
  2. Acquired based on a marketing purposes agreement signed by the guest will be processed during the time that this agreement is valid.
  3. Acquired for monitoring purposes will be processed for 30 days from the day they were gathered and than will be deleted.

What are guests' rights regarding personal data processing?*

Each guest has the right to access his/her personal data and to modify or delete them or to limit their processing. Each guest has the right to file an objection regarding personal data processing. Access to personal data is possible in the hotel. Hotel gives access to the e-mail address, via which guests can contact the hotel regarding personal data processing.

Is there a possibility to file a complaint regarding pesonal data processing?*

Yes, each guest has the right to file such complaint to supervisory board, which is GIODO - General Inspector for the Protection of Personal Data, ul. Stawki 2 00-193 Warszawa, Poland.


*In accordance to Ministry of Digitization project from the 8th of February 2018, providing such information will not be mandatory for businesses:

- hiring less than 250 employees

- that don't share personal data with other administrators

- that don't process so called special categories of personal data (art. 9 RODO)

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