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In harmony

with nature.

Caring for our guest. Caring for our earth.

We care about our planet and want our business to be in harmony with it.

In harmony with nature. Naturally.


We value our surrounding and our planet.


We want our business to be in harmony with nature,

at the same time giving our guests best possible experience.


We keep adding to the number of solutions,

based on corporate social responsibility strategy,

which keep sustainability in mind:



  • well of 185 m depth, thanks to which our guests can enjoy a healthy, clean, treated water; 
  • solar panels on the roofs of our buildings lowering carbon dioxide emissions;
  • led lightining lowering carbon dioxide emissions;
  • mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, which ensures an energy-efficient exchange of used air with fresh air;
  • ground air exchanger contributing to the natural heating (in winter) and cooling (in the summer) of the air entering the hotel, which ensures low energy consumption of buildings;
  • biodegradable writing materials;
  • full waste sorting (paper, glass, metals and plastics, biodegradables, mixed);
  • no small hotel toiletries in the bathrooms;
  • abandoning the use of plastic straws, dishes and cuttlery;
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